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CW: 150 / Height: 5'5"
I want to be healthy. Yes, this is a blog to keep track of my weight, but it's more than that. I like to post pictures of outfits & cute houses. I used to have bulimia and I guess you can say I recovered, now I am taking on B.E.D. I'm not dieting, I am intuitive eating.

I am a sixteen year old girl and my vow is to never be unhealthy again. My whole life I've been the fat girl, I am changing that once and for all. My main hope is to be able to join my school's tennis team before I graduate in 2013. This is my battle, not yours - so please don't tell me how to run my life. Thank you.
SW: 175 / UGW: 130

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Take a moment and read this as truth:

You look pretty today.

Stop, read it again. Imagine I’m standing in front of you, with every inflection of sincerity.

You look pretty today.

Only four words, but to a woman they hold an awful lot of power. They can add a bounce in your step that you may not otherwise be able to give yourself or can crush your self-esteem when you feel you don’t hear them often enough.

You look pretty today.

They are also the words we use to compliment each other, or boost a friend when we notice they’re feeling down. I love your hair! Great outfit. You’ve lost weight! Almost everyone has told a friend she looked pretty, even when we don’t really think so. We do this, because those words are the quickest way to generate a smile. You know that it’s something she wants to hear. Even if met with modesty, you know that she’s going to walk with her head a little higher that day.

You know this because you would too.

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She saw me and she ran away LOOL



True Blood S4_E3 Preview on Xfinity

Eric shoves Pam…. he looks so scared…aww


Edit: Not only did he build himself a cubby; be built himself a f#$%ing room!!




 I just don’t understand the fandom.


Same here, baby, same here.

oh my god

Asker 253days Asks:
On the webMD thing, is your username talkofparis? Cause I saw your name on the high score scoreboard.
We're both on the scoreboard ~wooo~
117lbs 117lbs Said:

LOL I saw your name too & yes that’s mine C:

I was like “oh look there i am… HEY I KNOW HER TEEHEE”