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CW: 150 / Height: 5'5"
I want to be healthy. Yes, this is a blog to keep track of my weight, but it's more than that. I like to post pictures of outfits & cute houses. I used to have bulimia and I guess you can say I recovered, now I am taking on B.E.D. I'm not dieting, I am intuitive eating.

I am a sixteen year old girl and my vow is to never be unhealthy again. My whole life I've been the fat girl, I am changing that once and for all. My main hope is to be able to join my school's tennis team before I graduate in 2013. This is my battle, not yours - so please don't tell me how to run my life. Thank you.
SW: 175 / UGW: 130

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( binge free: 2/21 )

I binged once this week, ONCE! That’s it! It may not seem like an amazing thing to you all, but it’s great for me. The really amazing thing? It was one “small” binge, after it happened I stopped myself. Like, on a normal day, I would have binged, said “fuck it” and kept on binging all day. Not that day. I binged at lunch time, ate well the rest of the week.

Let’s see, what else… I’ve still been struggling with my coke problem. I’m really trying to cut back, hasn’t been going so great. But hey, it’s a new week! My grandma made brownies (caramel ones, yucky) and I was craving chocolate sooo badly, so I had a tiny corner piece. That’s all! :-) So, I let myself have a treat.

I’ve been eating much more protein as well. I made myself eggs when I got up this morning (LOL At like 2pm…). I also have been having some type of meat for dinner everyday. I’d say this week was good.

Friday, June 24th.

  1. townfulloflosers said: go go go jen! :) congrats on a successful week!
  2. howimetyourpadre said: Way to go hun! keep it up!
  3. theatomicsubmarine said: yay! thats so awesome, congrats! youre clearly getting so strong and developing a good relationship with eating, which is far more than i can say for myself! dont forget the fruits and veggies though! (i dont eat nearly enough of them =/ )