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CW: 150 / Height: 5'5"
I want to be healthy. Yes, this is a blog to keep track of my weight, but it's more than that. I like to post pictures of outfits & cute houses. I used to have bulimia and I guess you can say I recovered, now I am taking on B.E.D. I'm not dieting, I am intuitive eating.

I am a sixteen year old girl and my vow is to never be unhealthy again. My whole life I've been the fat girl, I am changing that once and for all. My main hope is to be able to join my school's tennis team before I graduate in 2013. This is my battle, not yours - so please don't tell me how to run my life. Thank you.
SW: 175 / UGW: 130

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True Blood S4_E3 Preview on Xfinity

Eric shoves Pam…. he looks so scared…aww


Edit: Not only did he build himself a cubby; be built himself a f#$%ing room!!


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    OMG we have to wait 2 weeks for this !!! i just want to hug him
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    asdfghjkl; omg when Eric’s fangs pop out! He looks sooooo cute!
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    a;skdhfoskdfkh oh my god amnesiac!eric is so fucking adorable
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    omg when his fangs pop out in the cubby ADORABLE!
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