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CW: 150 / Height: 5'5"
I want to be healthy. Yes, this is a blog to keep track of my weight, but it's more than that. I like to post pictures of outfits & cute houses. I used to have bulimia and I guess you can say I recovered, now I am taking on B.E.D. I'm not dieting, I am intuitive eating.

I am a sixteen year old girl and my vow is to never be unhealthy again. My whole life I've been the fat girl, I am changing that once and for all. My main hope is to be able to join my school's tennis team before I graduate in 2013. This is my battle, not yours - so please don't tell me how to run my life. Thank you.
SW: 175 / UGW: 130

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Have you ever wondered how to make these cute sailors knot bracelets? Well hopefully this post will teach you how! Click the x’s for images!

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 3.5 yards of twine
  • 14 ounce can for a smaller bracelet or a 20 ounce can for a larger bracelet. Any other round object that has the appropriate circumference for your wrist will do.

1. Wrap one end of the twine around the can to shape an X. Leave about a 4” tail. You will need this tail at the end to finish the bracelet. (x)

2. Wrap the long end of the twine around the can again and bring it up to the middle of the X. Then pass the long end of the twine under the right, upper leg of the X and pull the long end all the way through. (x)

3. Next, move the upper left leg of the X over the right leg of the X to create an oval shape. (x)

4. Pull the long end of the twine through the oval shaped opening you just set up. (x)

5. Turn the can a bit and you will see that the oval shape has created another X shape. Again, pass the long end of the twine under the right upper leg of the X and pull the end through. (x)

6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until you get to the beginning of your project.

7. You will now find a three-stranded braid. Follow the twine you initially laid out and create a parallel second line. (x)

8. Continue around the can. If you find that it’s getting too tight to pass the twine through the openings, you may want to take the bracelet off the can and continue with the knotting in your hand. If you take it off, be careful not to pull the twine too tight, otherwise your bracelet will shrink on your wrist. (x)

9. Continue knotting the rope around the bracelet until each strand of the braid has one parallel line — a total of three passes. At this point you can stop or add another three passes to create the traditional pattern of three parallel lines, like the bracelet in the third picture in this step. (x x x)

10. To finish, just knot the ends together and weave them into the inside of the bracelet. (x x)


FINALLY! image

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for dry skin: the natural fruit acids within the apple (any apple will work) will help remove dead skin sells and tighten up your pores while the honey will leave you with a glowing complexion. this mask will keep in the fridge for 6 hours, so you’re going to need to use it right away. only make as much as you need!


clean and light: i’ve always been a fan of clothing that is clean and free from any distracting designs and patterns. i also love light colours. pale pinks, beiges, tans, whites and grays have to be my favourite. i’m in love with the mcqueen shorts in this set, i think they’re to die for.